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  1. Akiran

    May 22,  · We all have old cassette tapes in the garage or attic that you haven't heard in years. Most of those music tapes are available for download. Audio tapes will .
  2. Shaktijin

    It is also useful when you want to use a speed cassette with 9-speed shifters, or 9-speed cassette with 8-speed shifters, or an 8-speed cluster with 7-speed shifters. You will lose the use of one sprocket, unless you are using a shortened cassette such as a Shimano Linksys cassette, an 8 of 9 on 7, or 9 of 10 on 7. Note the two tabbed.
  3. Dagor

    cassette shells basically come in two types, welded together and screwed together. the screwed together shells will have from 1 to 5 screws holding them together. the welded ones have no screws. both halves are joined using a process called sonic welding which makes repair a little difficult but not impossible. welded shell tapes must be cracked open. screwed together tapes come apart easily.
  4. Brashura

    My bike developed a really annoying rattle today. It appears the cassette has some play in it, so I can wiggle it about a few mm. Having taken the cassette off, cleaned etc and popped back in.
  5. Tomuro

    Cassette: cluster of sprockets at the rear of the drivetrain, containing up to 11 gears, of various sizes. Block: another term for the group of rear sprockets, but really refers to the older Author: Hannah Bussey.
  6. Merisar

    It can dub from cassette tape to cassette tape or you can play a cassette tape and encode the audio into an MP3 file that will be stored in your computer. It works with Metal and CrO2 tapes Other extras include two audio-in plugs, which would allow you to hook up a secondary source device to the unit like a turntable or CD player and also.
  7. Fenrizilkree

    Apr 13,  · Connect one end of your cable to your cassette deck. Depending on the cassette deck type, this process will vary: mm — Plug one end (it doesn't matter which one) of the mm cable into your cassette deck's mm line-out (not headphone) port.; Unbalanced — Plug the red RCA cable into the red port and the white RCA cable into the white port. Views: M.
  8. Dusida

    A bicycle cassette is the cluster of sprockets located on the rear hub of your bike, slotting onto a freehub body and held firmly in place with a threaded cassette lockring. Find out everything you need to know in our Cassette Buying Guide.
  9. Samugami

    Once through all the tracks, you'll have the tunes lingering in your head. Some of this is the great stuff that stands the test of time, other is original music that is great background music for a get-together with friends. Have played the last song as I exit a city for a new assignment for the last ten years/5(28).

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