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  1. Malacage

    Watch: New Singing Lesson Videos Can Make Anyone A Great Singer Breaks in the light, on the shape that you see But the feeling in you heart, with every beat Lose your love, you don't need a thing Hold it in a word, and never speak Why won't you lose yourself Why won't you lose yourself Why won't you lose yourself At all, at all Climbed so high, can't escape what you dream Feel it in your bones.
  2. Tuktilar

    Oct 28,  · "Lose Yourself" is the first song in the hip hop genre nominated for an Academy Award. Tremendous performance. If Eminem were not White, the film and the song would have been ignored, as previous Oscar-worthy rap songs and soundtracks. When Eminem performed "Lose Yourself" at the Academy Awards, he performed it with hip-hop/neo-soul band, The /5(49).

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